Life moves too fast.  Before you know it that cute guy you went out of your way to "accidentally" bump into en route to work has been your husband for longer than you can remember, that tiny tumbler turning circles in your belly has grown into an energetic toddler running circles around your house, and those nagging parents from your teenage years have suddenly become wise pillars of love and strength that you willingly beg for their sage advice. 

In between all those life changing moments of marriage and births, new jobs, new cities, first days of school and last days with loved ones come the meat of life.  The little moments.  The ones that will stream on our "This is Your Life" montage.  These are the moments of our life story.

My favorite pictures are those that portray these fleeting, tender moments of's sweet yawn, mama's loving gaze, siblings' secret affections, daddy's proud grin. I enjoy getting to know new people and embrace the challenge of capturing the essence of "you".  Telling your story is my passion.

I look forward to discussing all the fun we can have together!
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