What should we expect from a Newborn Session with Emily?
I adore new babies.  Their sweet smell, soft skin, warm meltiness, perfect freshness...I could spend hours just snuggling a new baby.  In fact, I have!  I remember fondly those fleeting moments of the first days with my own precious babies.  I just wanted to  Every little thing.  The curl of her hair, the wrinkle of his forehead, her willowy legs, his long skinny feet...every little detail.  And I never wanted to forget how IN LOVE in was with the little being I had JUST met.  Incredible.  It is my desire to capture for you all of these little moments, all of these little details, lest you begin to forget.  Newborn Sessions with me are a mix of "lifestyle photography" (in which we document the moments: the adoring New Mom gazing into her baby's eyes, the proud New Daddy tenderly holding his Little Girl,  the sweet embrace of the New Parents as they swoon over their brand-new-baby, the in-between moments we want to hold on to forever) and "styled photography" (where we make use of some cute props, hats and the like to create adorable images of your newest crush).  The exact propotions of each depend highly on Baby.  Rest assured that you will love the results!

When is a Newborn Session held?
A Newborn Session is best when held between 4 and 10 days of baby's life.  This is the time when a new baby is most sleepy and moldable into adorable little positions...and also typically long enough after birth to allow any swelling to subside and not quite long enough for baby acne to develop.  Because of this time-frame, it is best to contact me during your second to third trimester to book your session with your approximate due date.  Once Baby arrives, we can finalize our session details.

How long does a Newborn Session last?
Plan on 2 to 3 hours for your Newborn Session.  We will follow Baby's lead and take frequent breaks for feeding, diapering and cuddling.  Some babies require more time to soothe, position and transition than others.  I want the experience to be enjoyable for all of us.  We won't rush to get perfection and the more relaxed Mom and Dad are, the more relaxed Baby is.  But, being the center of attention can be exhausting...if Baby indicates the session is over, we will respect that!

What should we wear?
Newborns are best at their most pure.  For this reason, in most shots Baby will be in just a diaper or her Birthday Suit.  (I also have blankets and wraps to keep baby modest.)  If there is a special outfit you'd like to have Baby photographed in, we will work that in as well.      

Parents should dress in comfortable clothing - preferably solid black or white as you will serve as the backdrop for some shots.  Tank tops or bare skin also provide beautiful backdrops to the simple beauty of your new little one.  You may want to be prepared with a second set of clothes, in case your Birthday-Suited darling makes a mess of your first option.  Hands should be clean and well-groomed for those intimate shots that we are sure to capture.  

About an hour before I arrive, please loosen Baby's diaper and remove any clothing that may leave marks on that precious skin (wrap Baby up in a soft, warm blanket).  Be sure that you are well-fed and free of any mark-inducing clothing or accessories (socks, hair elastics on wrists, etc.)  Once I arrive, I will take about 15-20 minutes to set-up our space, during this time, or just prior to my arrival, you will want to feed, burp and change Baby so that when we are ready to begin shooting he is sleepy and happy with a full belly and dry diaper.

How should we prepare our home for the session?
I prefer to photograph using natural light.  Once I arrive at your home, we can scout out an area with a large window or sliding glass door that would make for great light - or you can direct me to your preferred location and we can plan the set-up based on the location of windows and doors in that area.  We do not need a lot of space, but we do need a relatively uncluttered space.  Don't worry too much about advanced preparations of the space, I am happy to move things around once I arrive (although I may enlist a little help).

I will bring some blankets and backdrops and positioning items, but please feel free to have any special blankets you'd like included at the ready. Please also have diapers, wipes, burp cloths and extra blankets handy in case we need them.
Babies love to be warm.  I will bring a small space heater, but it also helps if you are able to raise your thermostat just prior to my arrival so that the room we are working in is 75-80 degrees (did you see I mentioned wearing tank tops?!)  I will also bring a white noise machine, but if you have one that you already know soothes Baby, feel free to crank it up.

Can we include siblings or Grandparents? 
I love to capture new Bigs interacting with newborns!  I recommend that you arrange for a family member or friend to entertain your older child(ren) for a portion of our session - as it is a long time to not be the center of attention for children (plus, what a fabulous treat to get to spend some one-on-one time with a special adult!)  We can start with the whole family or end with the whole family, please allow approximately 20-30 minutes for this.  Grandparents are important, too!  If you would like to include Grandpa and Grandma in some shots, that is wonderful. 

I have more questions, what can I do?
I would LOVE to discuss the possibility of capturing your Newborn's beautiful moments.  email me